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Please respect the definitions of freeware and honorware as used here for Toolsmiths software, all of which is copyrighted either by Carl Taswell or the journal that published the algorithms implemented in the software.


Toolsmiths freeware is free in the sense that it is available for download at no cost to the user. Whether available as source code (MATLAB M-files), intermediate code (MATLAB P-files), or executable binaries, it is not free for redistribution or any kind of commercial for-profit use. Please recognize your use of this software by publishing a link on one of your webpages to the Toolsmiths website and/or by citing the software appropriately in your technical reports and publications.

  • WavBox 1.0 Software Library (MATLAB M-Code; 14 KB; 1991)
  • WavBox 1.2 Software Library (MATLAB M-Code; 29 KB; 1993)

If you are a registered user of this website, you may access these files from the Download Page.


Toolsmiths honorware is commercial software that requires user registration and license payment prior to use. Academic users may request discounts but must appropriately cite use of the software and relevant papers. To obtain a discounted license, please submit a request via the form on the Contact Page.

  • FirWav 4.5c1 Filter Library (MATLAB 5.0 P-Code; 0.3 MB)
  • FirWav 4.7.2 Filter Library (MATLAB 8.0 P-Code; 0.3 MB)
  • WavBox 4.5c1 Software Library (MATLAB 5.0 P-Code; 0.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6b1 Software Library (MATLAB 5.3 P-Code; 2.7 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6c1 Software Library (MATLAB 6.0 P-Code; 2.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6c2 Software Library (MATLAB 6.5 P-Code; 3.4 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6c4 Software Library (MATLAB 7.0 P-Code; 2.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6c5 Software Library (MATLAB 7.3 P-Code; 0.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6c6 Software Library (MATLAB 7.8 P-Code; 0.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.6c7 Software Library (MATLAB 7.12 P-Code; 0.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.7.1 Software Library (MATLAB 7.13 P-Code; 0.8 MB)
  • WavBox 4.7.2 Software Library (MATLAB 8.0 P-Code; 1.0 MB)

If you are a licensed user of FirWav or WavBox, you may access these files from the Download Page.